Meet Google Bard! and how to use the AI Chatbot in the real world?

Google has opened access to its Bard AI chatbot to more than 180 countries. The tech giant removed the waitlist and introduced additional features. However, the program is still in the beta phase. 

What is Google Bard?

Bard is basically an AI Chatbot developed by Google. It is based on Google’s Large language model (LLM), LaMDA, similar to how ChatGPT is based on GPT. These are types of neural networks that mimic the underlying architecture of the brain in the form of a computer. Bard is separate from Google Search, which is the default way how billions of people look for information on the web. Unlike how a traditional search works, Bard is conversational and allows users to write a prompt and receive human-like text and images generated by artificial intelligence.

Google Bard is free?

Bard is free to use, as of now. Google’s Bard was initially available to those in the US and the UK who signed up for a waitlist but has since been expanded to those in 180 countries.

How do you use Google Bard?

Getting started with Bard is straightforward. To use Bard, you need to visit the Bard homepage by going to and logging in using your Google account. From there, you will get access to use Bard and its AI interface. Bard AI is simple and easy to use, just like any Google product.

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